Property Renovation in Tunbridge Wells
Renovations to Update Homes in and Around Crowborough

The builders at Acer Building Services Ltd complete a wide range of services to meet every domestic and commercial property renovation requirement. Our team undertakes all scales of renovation projects in Crowborough, Tunbridge Wells, Uckfield and the surrounding areas. For those requiring smaller work, we also manage house refurbishments

Prospective clients can read the testimonials from previous customers to learn more about the work we undertake. 

Design, Advice and Materials

Renovations are the perfect way to repair and restore all types of properties. We are highly experienced at undertaking renovation projects, which is why we take a sensitive approach in order to enhance and not harm builds. 

  • Our team can help with design advice to make the most of customers’ properties and ensure we are fulfilling each customer’s unique objectives.

  • We can advise on the type of building materials to be used. Our team can either match the customer or client’s existing materials, improve them or create a statement feature in builds.

  • Depending on the type of work undertaken, we may have to match materials for the work to be approved by the customer’s local authority department. Matching materials can also create a cohesive flow throughout properties in and around Crowborough and Tunbridge Wells that is aesthetically pleasing.


Repair and Restoration Work

The team at Acer Building Services repairs water damage, undertakes remedial work and completes work to help future condensation control so builds are protected against damp and moisture build-up.

We primarily use lime mortar for historic property renovations when required to improve the durability of old structures and help with the damp proofing. Our builders complete lime render to coat the external walls of properties to achieve an attractive finish that is also breathable and allows excess moisture to escape. The wood fibre insulation that we install is carbon neutral, breathable and versatile so that it can be fitted in any size and shape of space that requires protection.

We expertly restore and renovate all types of original features in clients’ properties to ensure that the build’s existing charm and personality are preserved. Our builders are also accomplished at renovating wooden windows, sash windows and oak frames. We complete a range of bespoke joinery work and fit a variety of sympathetic additions to ensure consistency with the original elements. Our team works carefully to fulfil the requirements of each unique property renovation in Crowborough, Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas.

For builders completing high-quality property renovations in Crowborough, Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas, please call Acer Building Services Ltd on 01892 668149 today.