Property Extension in Crowborough
Builders Completing Quality Services in and Around Crowborough

The knowledgeable team at Acer Building Services Ltd undertake a wide range of specialist services to fulfil every domestic customer and commercial business’ building requirements. Our builders manage property extensions, house refurbishments, property renovations and garage conversions in Crowborough and the surrounding areas we cover. To learn more about our work, you can read the testimonials from previous customers. 

Extensions are a great, cost-effective way for customers to achieve the additional space that they need in their property.

Types of Extensions

We offer a variety of extensions to suit each customer’s design and functionality needs to improve their living space. The types of extensions that we construct include:

  • Single-Storey

  • Double-Storey

  • Side-Return

  • Rear-Facing

  • Wraparound

Determining which style of extension is right for you will help you achieve the most amount of usable space that meets your specification. When figuring out which build is best for you, our specialists will help with a full design and build service so that the layout of the build will be tailored to create the ideal flow for your property.


Acer Building Services helps customers with planning permission applications and our work is always compliant with the latest UK Building Regulations so that customers will have peace of mind knowing that their build will be safe, secure and approved.

To make the most of your space, our builders provide additional services. We can help expand, alter and update homes with garage conversions, house refurbishments and property renovations. 


Ensuring Successful Extensions

Key components to ensuring successful property extensions in and around Crowborough are establishing the balance, light, focal point and flow.


Balancing the new construction with the existing structure will create a seamless connection between the two spaces and achieve a cohesive, stylish and well-finished build.


Maximising the amount of natural daylight in builds will ensure that extensions enhance not only the new space but also lift the existing structure. Bright and light spaces are more enjoyable to spend time in, can save customers costs on utilities and make homes more comfortable. 

Focal Point

Establishing a focal point gives rooms a sense of purpose and will create an interesting feature to enjoy. Installations such as a tv, sculpture or furniture will also make the space feel more natural and familiar.


Crafting the right flow for extensions is key to meeting customers’ unique functionality requirements and will help make the space easier to navigate. Ensuring that the flow is perfect will also make the home feel like your own and create a comfortable environment. 

The reliable builders at Acer Building Services are happy to advise prospective customers on all aspects of the high-quality property extensions and other building services, including the garage conversions, house refurbishments and property renovations, that we undertake for all types of domestic customers and commercial businesses in Crowborough and the surrounding areas.

For builders completing a range of quality property extensions and more services in Crowborough and the surrounding areas, call Acer Building Services Ltd on 01892 668149 today.